Give me strength

Blog Post created by Francis58 on Nov 23, 2018

This will be the 19th time that I will try to stop smoking ciggerettes. It wasn't long ago that I was able to quit for 4 months; just this past July 2018. My reason for falling off my quit this last time was a bad day at work. My boss is the owner and I work in direct contact with him every day. He's direspectful, demeaning and just a very unhappy person. Although I am actively looking for a new job its still quite difficult going in every day. I get so mad and I guess the ciggs help me to relax. Its kind of crazy how I quit and start again so quickly. But I hate smoking and want to have my freedom from the addiction. I often think back to that first cigg at 11 years old and now I just turned 60. There have been times that I quit for up to 12 years! So I know that it can be done. I joined this group hoping your support will help me through the hard times. Tomorrow will be my first quit day. I have a plan in place..give me strenth.