Fear of losing my mind

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Sep 29, 2017

Okay so I don't know how this goes but I'm writing it like this I am in fear of losing my mind why because I am restless tonight an I feel like sadness is over me an like I get paid at 12 midnight an usually I go stock up on cigarettes and cokes an chips etc. An tonight I feel like wow no smokes I don't need them but then again that was my routine it's a change indeed a big change to me an it's hard an I feel like just crying I have so many emotions going on right now I guess you write this as a diary I'm not sure I'm not a blogger so I got like really sad an my hair is like super long an I curled it with a curling iron lol like every strand of my hair to like pick myself up an all the way im feeling but Thanks for taking out time to read this. Just ot of emotions