Cravings cravings cravings

Blog Post created by Dyanaquits on Mar 4, 2020

Anything that’s worth doing is usually hard. I started smoking at 38 in 2009 after my divorce. Lots happened between then and now, including a second husband, his death and being a widow, and then meeting my third husband, who I just married last September. I switched from smoking to vaping after my third husband got ill and quit smoking. I thought at least it doesn’t stink like cigarettes. But, after finding out what vaping was doing to my lungs and my body in general, I wanted to quit. I tried in fits and starts, and now I actually have a few days that I’ve stopped. 


But CRAVINGS! When I wake up, after I eat, when I’m relaxing, I keep wanting SOMETHING. I’m trying cough drops so at least I’m doing something to distract from the cravings, but they are TOUGH.