I just quit smoking (Day 1)

Blog Post created by Dremaestus on Mar 6, 2018

Hello all. My name is Ryan and I just quit smoking today, 06MAR2018. I am on day 8 of Chantix and it really is helping me control my cravings, but not completely. I picked up a vapor mod with only 3mg of Nicotine in the juice that I use as a crutch for the smoking. It's not GREAT for me, but it's a far and away cry from the damage smoking has done to me over the last 26 years. Yesterday, I was a 2 pack smoker. Today, I haven't had a single cigarette. 9pm marks 24 hours smoke free. I am a little concerned over the vapor mod, as I feel that I may be trading one habit for another, but I am already breathing easier after just 24 hours. I feel like I can smell things a little better too. I am not sure if that is my brain playing tricks on me or if it is all true. Now, the bad.


So far today I have snapped my wife's head off on the phone for literally no reason at all. I feel terrible, since we don't get to talk very often. She is away for training in Texas and has been gone since January. We will not be reunited until late April. I am a stay at home dad (temporarily) of our four little boys. Ages 4, 8, 8, and 10. The main time that I felt that I HAD to have a smoke today is when the boys got home from school and immediately started fighting. Again. It's neverending. I mostly stayed in bed today. I didn't clean much of anything, just watched TV in bed with my 4 year old. He had a blast. But if I see another episode of PJ Masks, I might murder my television.


With all of this being said, I have been told over and over again that the first 72 hours are the most critical to the success of your quit. My question is 2 fold:


What are some techniques that you guys have used to keep your mind off of the craving?


Is anyone else concerned that I am using a vapor machine to "crutch" my quit?


Thanks in advance for any advice and support!