The Steroids have left the Building

Blog Post created by Diannnnn on Jun 19, 2017

Wow, I knew reality would hit once the prednisone was out of my system, but I didn't anticipate having such a horrible time with my cravings!  I'm glad I set my quit date two weeks out, because it seems as if I have forgotten all my stall/coping tactics. I'll need this time to re-taper down on my smoking and make myself use the tools in my kit.  


I am trying not to be disappointed in myself, but it is really hard.  I was doing so well, or so I thought.  This was the first day without the steroid influence that I had to work. Each time there was any attitude, talking back or yelling I felt like I was going to do my Exorcist impression. That is really what I am trying not to do with my 5, 7 and 10 yo nephews. I did warn them it may occur, but they are kids after all. 


I am ripping that patch off every time I give into the addiction though. Even used a mini lozenge earlier today, but that only worked for about an hour. Arrrrggggghhhh!


Okay, pity party over.  Time to get ready for yoga and hope that settles my mind. Any advice is welcome and needed.  I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY GOAL TO QUIT!!  Sorry to yell, but I needed to.  Yep, no one is home so I yelled it out loud too, dagnabit!


Later friends,