bare knuckling it

Blog Post created by DemonaXL on Dec 2, 2017

I guess I didn't think the quit date through as well as I should have.  

turns out my doctor isn't going to be in until the 14th so I will have to wait to get the 

doctor to write my prescription for Chantix until then.  I'm hiding in my room, trying not to smoke but the smell is so enticing.  I sure screwed my "victorious quit" up all kinds of ways. about par for the course in my life.  I may screw up and hit one here or there, just to keep from killing everyone in the house (just joking, people), but I am trying and the guys are trying to remember not to smoke in the house.  I almost wish I could rent a hotel room until the 16th, when I get the Chantix.  Quitting drinking was so much easier as everyone threw away all the alcohol in the house, so my DTs hurt, but there wasn't anything to fall back on as no alcohol in sight.  The three other smokers in the house aren't about to go outside in the cold or really even take notice of this with me.  The alcohol had a definate impact on their lives, but my smoking doesn't.  


I have reset my quit date and I guess I will see you guys back here on the 15 or 16th, when I might have something of value to share with the group.  I don't want to be a hypocrite and hit a cigarette and then come back in here.  I can't do that anymore than I could drink and walk into an A.A. meeting.


I wish everyone great fortune with their quit and I will return soon!