40 Days Smoke free!

Blog Post created by Deb-EX on Dec 22, 2017

40 Days Smoke free  Whoa. I can't believe I made it this far 


YES, using the nicotine patch has absolutely helped with my quit.. honestly I was super skeptical about it even working at all, so imagine my surprise as Day one, Day two, Day three went bye.. fast forward to today.. DAY 40..

                                                                           I actually survived  


Finding this support group was another huge surprise!  I was trolling around the internet just looking for some information about "smoking and coughing" when GOD  lead me the EX Community. To be completely honest, I never expected anything from this support group other than some answers to my question. But then, I starting reading some blogs, and one blog lead to another blog.. Than I started reading some comments and some more comments, that lead to hours of reading. I was drawn in by the amazing loving responses to just about any old question. There was such encouragement and such positivity.. I knew this was more then just an "online support group" I knew this was a place where I could go and work on my "ADDICTION" and not be judged, but encouraged.


YOU were the real secret ingredient to the success of my 1st quit from Day 1 until today Day 40....


I decided to sign up, it took me a while to make a comment on anything I read, but eventually I did. I think in that one blog comment, I began to feel welcomed and began to meet some really great people. Big shout out to elvan (Ellen) who was the very first person to reach out to me and welcome me into the EX Community with open arms. I had this immediate connection with her that I couldn't even explain. Ellen was so kind with her words, and so encouraging to my quit, I felt like I knew her for YEARS in no time at all.  Ellen, I'm so grateful to you for making me want to keep coming back, YOU were the KEY to my success thus far. XOXO


From there it just got better and better, I've met SO many amazing people. I've learned so much about my addiction. I've learned about "No Mans Land", I've been given a "CLUB" to help me fight off the craves. I've been given tools and supplies to protect my quit. I've been encouraged to FIGHT when I was feeling weak and every morning I look forward to extending my hand as I pledge with the Ex Community to not smoke today "No Matter What".


I thank each and everyone of you that's taken the time out of your busy days to welcome me, encourage me, follow me and most importantly fight along side of me to get me to Day 40. This is my FIRST QUIT in 35 years so it says a lot..You are all more than a support group, you are indeed an extended family. I look forward to the New Year with each and every one of you. As I step down on my patch and fight my way to become Nicodemon FREE - I hope to be of encouragement to YOU as well and I promise that I will fight with YOU when you need me. Here's to the next 40 days

Love to you all! I wish you a Merry smoke free Christmas & Happy New Year!