Day Two!

Blog Post created by Ddjonesy on Sep 28, 2017

First thank you all for all the encouraging words yesterday on Day Won! It was actually not quite as bad as I expected. I dreaded it so much the day before, that the day of actually was kind of a relief. (If that makes any sense). Did ok on the drive out to eat. Just talked to the hubs and drank my tea out of my straw!!! (I may or may not have pulled the straw out of the tea and inhaled just a little air, several times!)  When we got to the restaurant there was a woman walking outside in front of us that was smoking...I guess I'm not at the point to hate the smell yet, so it still smelled good to me...I looked at her and thought that used to be me.....Went on into the restaurant and ate...afterwards, walked around a few minutes and then drove home. I was a little edgy, but would grab my mints or suck on a straw. I feel like the straw may turn into what I call a passy!  (Pacifier!) 


Anyway, half way into Day 2 and so far so good! Have had a few craves that were harder than yesterday. Did the whole distraction thing and haven't caved!  Hubs was going to pick up supper and asked what I wanted, I was in the midst of a crave and told him I'd have to think , because whatever it was, it had to be REALLY, REALLY good!!!  I know I'll have to be careful about the weight thing. But even tho it's for the best, I am still battling feeling deprived. I KNOW it isn't true, but that little thought pops in. So today, I will eat something REALLY, REALLY good! Hopefully that will help with the deprivation lies! 


Thx again for all the encouragement! Y'all rock!