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Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Sep 23, 2019

Not exactly about smoking, and yet, seeing your own mom becoming less and less resourceful to be on her own, it is a darn "reason" to smoke.  But it is where I am wrong: it is not a reason, it is an excuse one would use to start smoking again.

From the perspective given to me by the 31/2 years of freedom I gained, this is to tell you no matter how hard life can get, no matter that watching her every steps is giving you heart pains, there are always better things to do with your time than smoking.

In my case was helping her with almost every step since last Tuesday when she first fell, to requesting I work from home for at least one week, to watch her and be around for whatever she might need me, to watching her getting better and hoping the changes will stick, looking for the moments of clarity of her mind, or crying in my own bedroom after I put her to sleep for the night.

I am standing tall (as tall as a broken, and stretched back allows me to do), as an Ex, a daughter who sees her mom going towards life's NML, and living every minute with her to the fullest.

Winter is just one season.

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