Well, that will teach me...wallet cards

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To mind my own business, and not offer help, unless asked...


I have a lady co-worker, never been work friends, just worked on some projects together; he is very smart, and she knows it, and she seems to walk 3 heads taller than anyone else... She's been a smoker, but never socialized when going out for a smoke, and she mostly works form home.


As I have already approached all my friends who are still smoking, even if they aren't planning on quitting now, they took the card with a knowing smile on their faces; the card went to the garbage for sure, right after I walked away.  But it did not matter to me, as long as I knew I walked my half way to help.


Today was one of the rare days the lady and I were in the office at the same time; I took a card, approached her and started by saying "if you ever think about quitting"...she handed me the card back and said "I don't want to quit, I like it, I smoke because I am bored, I don't want it".  No reason to insist; I took the card back smiling and wished her a good rest of her day.  And thought: "if someone, over 3 years ago, would have offered me something like that, I would have at least said "thank you", understanding the person does it just because they care".  But as many times we say : "we are all different" and she will quit, when, if ever, she'll be ready to do so.


I won't lie and say I did not care that she pushed back so hard, yet, she did not invite me to share anything with her, not even a hello today   So I only got in return what I deserved, and that is how life is...definitely not a reason to smoke over...

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