The patience of a saint

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Apr 20, 2019

Now, as we are awaiting such an important event in Christianity, can I please ask you, the you, who've been studying religious books, where is the expression "the patience of a saint" coming from?  Because I am nowhere near to find out.


But I am asking you, the same you, how much a human’s patience can be stretched before we reach the etheric patience of a saint?


Yesterday I was on PTO, and decided to dedicate the day off to mom:


At 8:30am we were at the X-ray place, after that she wanted to go shopping, but was hungry, she does not like to go to restaurants, so we came home, grabbed something to eat, then went shopping; she promised me we'll check out at least 2 stores to find a pair of jeans she likes.  After 45 min in a SteinMart, she was done, we walked out with 2 pairs of sleepers (she changed her mind about one, I need to take it back), and some pretty Easter napkins.


Once home, I started calling the pharmacy for a new inhaler the specialist prescribed for her, they have not gotten the call, called the Dr's office, took a short nap.


Then it was time for her pedicure, as professional as one unprofessional me can offer.


Then out again I went, to reach 2 different pharmacies (one of them closing at 6 pm, where mom is on a program by her primary doctor, and her inhaler only cost $50.00 for a while, now the generic is available, so we only pay $15.00.  We had to buy a couple of months using the Canadian drugs pharmacy, and it cost $250.00/month).


Got to give mom credit for fixing some cabbage for dinner, then TV, and she went to bed.


But every single morning, no matter how the prior day was, how many things/drugs to fix things we were able to get, some fun we had, every morning there has to be something negative about the day or the night before.


When swimming in the ocean of negativity, it feels as swimming in mud, and it takes so long to get to at least a neutral point to start the day.


Meditation helped me with cravings, meditation is helping my life every day.


If you are new to quitting, and never thought about it, just give it a try.  There are so many choices out there on YouTube, one of them can work for you, many work for me.


Have a wonderful weekend, and the patience of a saint, you never know who needs your help!