Starting today I love Mondays

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Oct 15, 2018

After spending most of my life dreading the beginning of a new work week, today I loved my Monday!


And that is because the Weight Watchers regimen started showing results. Slowly I started losing weight.

Not much to do with quitting, but maybe it does.  Because part of the weight I need to lose accumulated while eating the yummy milk chocolate raisins while quitting; my favorite go to snack.  I always say, don't do like I did.


And I need to share something funny with you: at work many people have their famous candy jars, not only around Halloween, but all year long.  One of them is my boss.  Since her desk is not far from my mine, I can see the speed with which her jar gets emptied, mostly during boring afternoons.  But not only.  This morning I brought in 4 bags for her jar.  Since I am not making sweets for the office anymore, I felt compelled to at least contribute that much!  One of my co-workers picked up 2 mini Snickers and dropped one at my desk.  I gave it back to her and said "Thanks,

I don't do that anymore!!!"  It made me feel so good.  That does not mean forever, just for a while...



Images won't post for me today. ...NO to sweets, not for now