My new vehicle

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Oct 7, 2018

Good morning my friends!  My morning is dark, 60 degrees F, gloomy, and last night we had a monsoon like thunderstorm, with all the trimmings: lightning, thunder, and rain.

I can't wait to clear up, and go to a bike repair shop, to get some help to adjust my new "vehicle".


You know I have been going to PT for now over 2 months, my right knee still hurts, not so bad, but I still can't walk 30 min with no pain!  In the summer I used the pool for the moving of the knee to help increase the liquid in the joint, but you won't get me in the pool after the night temps go under 80.  Arizona spoiled people...

So last night I got myself a smoking deal, at Walmart of all places.  Someone ordered this beautiful....drum roll...please don't laugh...tricycle , but did not like it, did not pick it up from the store and it was discounted from $300 to $126 (tax included)!


However it needs adjusted before I can take it for a ride, I can't wait for 10:00 am when the shop opens to take it there, then start using it.

It just felt so weird trying to ride it, even though I used a bicycle for work at least 4 hours/day to visit babies' houses, but it was about 30 years ago.  I thought a tricycle won't give me any challenges, but guess what, it does!!!

I'll get it to work, I promise you, and my puppies will get attached in the basked, so we can go to the park together using this beautiful object, I'll get there...I am very hopeful...don't laugh,please

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