Who would have thought?

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jan 6, 2018

Who would have thought 666 days ago that I would be here today writing about the freedom from smoking?

Not me, and yet, here I am.

When I stopped I was hopeful, but not very sure I’ll succeed. I was not prep for the quit.

I got sick one day, bad bronchitis, hard to breath in air, let alone smoke. And I thought: “I’ll take this as my clue”.

And it worked for a little over one month, on my own, using patches for a couple of weeks, then the e-cigarette, doing what I thought best to stay away from smoking.

And I came here, and a whole new world opened the doors for me. The world of knowledge, acceptance, guidance, curiosity and support.  Knowing I am not alone, knowing I can call someone when I need to.  Absorbing all the knowledge served on a silver platter every day, and correcting my course of action based on it.

666 is not a recognized milestone, but it is for me! It is a place where I can stop for a minute, think about how far I have come, and express my gratitude for the helping hands who guided me on this journey.

Daniela 666 DOF