Did you do that when you were smoking???

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Nov 7, 2017


...smoking in the car, window rolled down, arm outside, thinking it won't impact those around you, or just dropping the butt when you are done, not thinking about those in traffic behind, you could have set in fire?


I did not, but for the first time today, since I quit, I have been mad at a smoker!!!  What if I wanted to open my window, the weather is great now in AZ?  What if I had the window open, and a kid in the passenger seat?


Normally we feel sorry when we see them smoking, we know they (much like us last week, last month, or last year) would love to quit!


As I was waiting for the light to turn green, all I was seeing was a hand hanging over the rolled window, holding a burning cigarette, the hand was red, the nails seemed distorted, and I thought it belonged to an elderly person...as I advanced my car I was surprised to see a person younger than me. 


And then I was not upset with her anymore...


If you have not made up your mind, have not found the "power" to commit, are still thinking about it, please make up your mind and do it!  There are so many horrible things happening in a smoker's body, and many of us are now living with the consequences. 


(I don't know if the hand I was observing had deteriorated exclusively from smoking, but I know smoking impacts the blood flow to the extremities, amongst so many other things.)


Please quit while you are ahead!!!