Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 11, 2019

~~Comparison is the thief of joy.~~  Theodore Roosevelt


You've quit smoking.  Now you are starting to wonder why you aren't feeling as good as the quitter down the street.  And the quitter who posts how great she is doing?  You, meanwhile, feel discouraged.  Or maybe you are feeling really, really good but someone posts about how horrible the first few months of quitting are so you are thinking maybe you shouldn't write about how good you are feeling.


Your quit is yours.  Unique.  Individual.  Created by and for you.  Don't cheapen it by comparing it to someone else's quit.  They aren't you.  With your personality, your skills, your talents.  They aren't you and won't feel the things you feel and respond to things the way you respond.


Your quit is yours.  Take care of it.  Be proud of it.  Build on it.  Love it.  And know that no one can quit the way you quit because no one else is you.  You are unique.  Individual.  One of a kind.  


Please share your story.  Please share your thoughts, ideas, tools for quitting.  But don't compare and think you are doing something wrong.  Don't compare and be embarrassed because your quit is going well.  Be content that your quit is a unique reflection of you and be proud that you are creating your masterpiece.  After all, Monet didn't stop painting because he didn't paint like Van Gogh.  Beethoven didn't create music like Mozart.  And Tolstoy didn't write like Hemingway.  But they were all masters.