A Heartbeat At A Time

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 8, 2019

~~Lasting change does not happen overnight.  Lasting change happens in infinitesimal incriments:  a day, an hour, a minute, a heartbeat at a time.~~  Sara Ban Breathnach


I'm writing this on my phone so please excuse any errors (I'm not good at seeing small print).  

Change is inevitable and when you are making major changes in your life like quitting smoking, it can feel overwhelming.  How do you handle things?  What if x, y, and z happen?  What about if you get sad? Stressed? 

The list goes on, right?

Slow your mind down and just focus on the here and now.  Sometimes one heartbeat at a time can relax us enough to feel ok.  A breath.  A nod.  You got this for right now.

Projecting ahead can turn anyone to panic as we plow through worse case scenarios.  The 'what ifs' can turn a perfectly good day into a disastrous cyclone of emotions as we worry through how to handle life without a cigarette in hand.

Just for right now, you got this.  Just for this moment, you are ok.  Right now, you aren't smoking.  Life is good.

Change may he inevitable, but if we take it one heartbeat at a time, we will be ok.  A breath.  A smile.  A nod.  You got this.


Happy Monday, everyone!