The Addiction Vs The Habit

Blog Post created by Daltonhall521 on Oct 19, 2020

I noticed how I have a habit of vaping. When you’re actively vaping you never realize that you have a habit of vaping. You only think the nicotine is addicting. It is, but the habit is as well. When I’m at work, and outside, which is all the time, I’m vape. Vaping is just what I do in my free time. I Tried Nicotine Replacements, and they worked, as in I didn’t have withdrawals while using them. But I felt empty still. I felt empty because every time I was free I’d vape. I felt empty because of this habit. I’m still getting my nicotine supply, but still feeling empty because vaping is a habit and an addiction. I hit my first vape at age 11. I got addicted at age 13. I am now 18. I have been on this habit of vaping for 5 years. It was time for me to end my habit and my addiction all at once.