It's been a week!

Blog Post created by DEFJamBaby on Feb 15, 2017

I can't believe it! It's been a week and nothing major happened!

A quick weird thought of "A cigarette would be great now" pops up every once and a while and leaves just as quickly. I expected something traumatizing, but that never happened.

I really think that educating myself before hand and putting a lot of preparation and positive thinking into it, help A LOT!

I would recommend preparing yourself to anyone else! 

Even cutting down daily and having an app telling me at what time I was "allowed" to have cigarette, while reading Alan Carr's book was a mind changer! I smoked every single cigarette with such a focus of what I was actually doing that by the time the last one came around I was relieved! And that's something I NEVER thought would happen! 


Also: thank you so much to everyone I've gotten in touch with in this group! You are the best! So much love and support is simply a blessing!