The "mourning" of Day One!

Blog Post created by DANIELA040220 on Apr 3, 2020

Hi guys,


I am at the first day of no cigarettes, so this morning I decided to write about my morning full of mourning!


When I woke up I got this nasty feeling of emptiness soon after, because I couldn't move on with my normal routine. So, I decided to change course and go straight for the nicotine gum (some of you might not like the idea of using it, but I'm desperate,so I'll go for it). Feeling better now! I also replaced my morning cigarette with a morning Reeses Easter Egg - I don't intend on making chocolate my new addiction (I'm pre-diabetic) but I needed to reward myself for not smoking. 


I will call this my "morning of mourning" because I need to be real with myself and admit that I'm suffering just a little. I'm not happy right now for not being able to smoke. However, I am happy for treating my body right and freeing my mind from an addiction, hour by hour!


Feel free to comment below and tell me how you felt out of place on your first morning. I'd appreciate it.