After the Honeymoon is over:

Blog Post created by Cricket on Apr 4, 2018

53 days smokefree.  It all comes down to your personal desire to quit.  If I was to rate my desire to quit in week one of stop smoking class, session one it would have been around a 0 or 1...,  I was probably up to a 5 around the beginning of session two and only at a 7 or 8 when I acually quit.
I will tell you where the 10's come in,
During an urge after the novelty of your quiting has faded.  Weeks later when nobody is watching your every move!
That is when your gonna need that 10.
If you do fail, well nobody can say you didn't give it a GOOD try!  Nobody will blame or judge you.  It is just you and your Desire to quit!  You have to be your own cheering squad!  Remember the biggest reason on your list of reasons to quit is probably your health.  If you give in, you will have to start over physically and emotionally.  Your next attempt may not hold the same strangth and power as your current quit
Because let's face it why go through all the work and life adjustment just to end up back where you started? These are the reasons and power of NOPE means  NOPE!  Quitting is not a game, nor is it always fun, but the benefits will last you a lifetime.  Do yourself a favor and say "No"  when nobody is looking.

Love Cricket 53 DOF