Dealing with the unexpected

Blog Post created by Cricket on Mar 24, 2018

I had a very rough night last night!
My daughter fell and hurt her leg and she is a single mother of 3 children.  She couldn't get up.  I rushed over to help, but I couldn't get her up either.  We had to call an ambulance to come get her and take her to the hospital. But of course I had to stay with the children and had run off without a patch or any lozenges  or gum.  I know for a fact I would have smoked last night if I had any cigarettes.  My daughters leg is not broken but she cannot bear any weight on it at all!  I have a screaming headache.  She did not have any coffee. My husband brought me some coffee,  tylonl all and a patch this morning.  I still have errands to run to stabilize the household. Also I didn't get any sleep last night because when the baby wasn't crying my daughter was messaging me from the hospital. She is home now but can only get around slowly on crutches. This is an unexpected stress and I imagine it's going to go on for a while because she's going to need a lot of help until she gets better. But this is my quit my planned to not smoke even when I want to but I'm sorry guys I really really want to lol but I won't.