My Smoke Free Life - SE2 Ep2

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Jan 19, 2021

And so it begins. Half of the house is almost packed and moved into the new garage at the new place. This move is all I have been thinking about. I might transport some draws and a few more boxes tomorrow. Today after work I'll try and pack some more. My outdoor settings need to be packed. I am in-between houses atm.

Well the owner of this old house has made himself at home in the shed. I lent him a bed and a bedside table. He has been sleeping in his van in the backyard. at first I thought he was a bit of a creep. But it turns out he's just really an eccentric old man who is just lonely and who has heaps of projects to invest in. He wants to tear down the trees out the back yard and put units in the back. He will temporarily stay in this house after I've moved out. He has been looking after me and I am grateful and thankful for everything he has done for me so far.


I am also back behind the wheel. But I ended up getting roadside assist incase my car breaks down again. I can't keep paying for taxi fares. They add up. I do get a lot of support from my family. My brother did a 7 hour trip to give me a hand with what has been going on lately. He got me back into driving again and agreed that the owner of my current house is really ok. 


I tried going 21 days without alcohol. But I failed miserably. I lasted 4 days. I cant quite figure out why I do it when I know it's doing me more harm than good. I know the benefits of staying sober. But I am my own worst enemy! I want to cut down how often. But I am just finding it really hard right now. I will one day reach a time in my life where I will quit completely. I have listed all my reasons to at least cut down and even came up with a plan. A plan I didn't end up following. Now it's just a wait and see sort of thing. 


 I am overwhelmed. But I am ok. I am looking ahead and looking forward to getting this move done. It's mostly all I have been thinking about.