My Smoke Free Life - Episode 16

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Nov 3, 2020

I just recovered from a nose bleed. I haven't had one of those since I was a teenager. I am in my mid 30s now!

I remember a time when I had a nose bleed that lasted 2 hours. My father had to drive me to the hospital!

I am a bit lightheaded. But I'm tough!


I had a bout of bad luck this week. First my mobile phone reception drops out - Long story short I managed to switch telco companies and replacing my phone.

Then on Halloween someone stole my skull ornament from my table out the front patio and I didn't find out until the day after.

Thurdly my  car yet again breaks down on the way to work, which I am also trying to fix. GEEZ I just had the fuel filter replaced!


Now the nose bleed!


But I have a feeling my luck will soon change. I got asked to do a hardstyles collab with the music. I am also working on lyrics for a synthwave collab and now I am trying to add vocals to my own material and that is slowly coming along!


Well in any case time will tell. But onward and upward!