Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Nov 3, 2020

  Before tomorrow arrives or a winner is announced If everyone will consider before posting anything political that may cause a divide here Please think   Our country is divided enough I'd hate to see a divide created here.  My area of town I have seen signs and flags from both political parties spray painted and destroyed.   I was lucky today as I had a third choice on my ballot and I took it  You see I believe in the party of compromise.   The last couple months  I have been in the city limits and saw mostly Biden signs  I have been in the rural parts of and found mostly Trump signs and it dawned on me that different laws and different needs belong in each area  2 different ways of life, values and concerns.  Yet one can not exist without the other. So their really is no correct winner tomorrow.   So I humbly ask  before you post about how good it feels that you side won think about the other side and those on the other end don't bash the winning side I hope we are to good for this  Let's keep this group as one and not divide it or bring hate of the other side on here.   This country needs to come together and we need to stick together as Non Smokers.  I'm sure you can share you happiness or you concerns on Facebook or another site  Or PM those who may agree with you      Just my thought