1,500 Days I Learned to Accept

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Sep 15, 2020

   Oh I was grateful to be alive when I got home from the hospital but by the second week home I was depressed and had a WTF attitude. I went from being very active to not being able to do anything. It was hard for me to walk to the bathroom. I was told I had COPD and had a growth on my lung, my kidneys and heart were giving me problems I couldn't go back to work

  I couldn't accept the fact my life changed so quickly I didn't care and figured F it. I might as well smoke I have nothing to offer.  Yes I was a winey ars baby. Poor pitiful me. Yes I had family members tell me it's not that bad, I had a lot of living to do,  People are worse off than you,  Be happy your alive.  but what did they know they weren't sick.  So what changed? A niece in her young 30s  reminded me of her childhood and how I helped her and made her a fighter and a simple hug from my granddaughter. Those 2 made me rethink everything. My life was not over changed some yes I accepted the fact I wouldn't be able to do somethings  Still I had something to give to this world I can still laugh and be happy and I can still push myself to make things better,  Once I accepted my COPD my Heart problem.  Once I accepted life on life s terms. I really started to live again smoke free and YES I am so much happier

What I learned in 1,500 days I learned I don't need to smoke to live.  I learned accept  the fact I'm addict to nicotine,  the fact quitting takes works, I have to live life on life terms. I have something left to give this world. I can still smile, laugh and live. I accepted the fact of N.O.P.E

 To the new quitters accept the fact that you don't need to smoke to live. Accept the fact you can quit We all have something to give.  Live Life Smoke Free  You'll be happier At least that's what I learned in 1,500 days of smoke free living 


Carl 1,500 DOF