Case Closer To Home

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Jul 12, 2020

   You ever wonder why Most of us or maybe all of us had the attitude It won't happen to me. Someone else will get Cancer.  Someone else will get Heart Disease. Someone else will end up with COPD. Is this just human nature.

   I just received a message from my niece her oldest son who is 17 has Covid. No severe symptoms and hopefully none will come. I do worry about his older and younger sister and of course my niece and her husband.

  My great nephew will be a senior in high school this fall and is on the football team 2 other players on the team also have tested.  

  Ok here is the problem I have.    I live in one of the counties in Ohio that is a (Level 3) a very high exposure and spread The governor is close to declaring the county a (Level 4) severe exposure and spread  My question is how can a school in this county allow these young men to practice or allow any school functions. Is this the same attitude I had before I ended up with COPD.  What was the coach / school thinking "It won't happen to us".   ALL of US need to be smart to beat this     Mask and Social Distance

Always someone else It won't happen to me  Why do we think this way


Prayers appreciated for my nieces family 


Thank you