Time Wasted and Lost

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Jun 16, 2020

  I read where on average it takes 7 minutes to smoke a cigarette  So I started playing around with my stats when all of the sudden I got a really bad sick feeling in the center of my gut.  The how, the why and what the hell was I thinking hit me all at once.  I always looked at how much money I saved / spent.  How many unsmoked I accumulated    I never looked at how much time I wasted and time spent slowly destroying my body / killing myself. 

  I just looked at what I could have been doing better. I could have been better husband, better father better friend, I could have given my time by volunteering in the community I could have been a better person 


Just some quick math I smoked 30 cigs a day for 40 years  


3.5 hours a day.  24.5 hours a week.  4.3 days a month. and just over 53 days a year                                                  I wasted 5.8 years of my life smoking   Not only did I miss out on so much in my life For all the time and devotion I gave to smoking my going away present was emphysema    

Of course I haven't added the extra days smoking took off my life


For the younger smokers who are thinking about quitting ask yourself do you really want to waste this much time destroying your body or do you have something better to do. 


Brightside is I have quit and I am becoming a better person