Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Mar 15, 2020

  I really wasn't going to tie this in to anything about quitting but just for the sake of it I can promise you I would have never stopped to look at the daffodils or the new green buds much less take a picture. I would have never cared as smoking was way more important.  The last week or so I've been enjoying watching the changes

  Today when I looked I felt a calmness and I saw a hope for tomorrow. I saw a newness right around the corner for a better warmer less chaotic day.    I'll enjoy the day and keep hope for tomorrow.   The weather person predicts temps in the 60s and sun Wednesday I believe I'll get my lawn mower ready I like the smell of fresh cut grass.

Live from Southwest Ohio.   NOTE:  Hands were sanitized before typing and hitting Publish