That 1 Christmas Tree

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Dec 4, 2019

Thinking about 1 particular Christmas Tree, Growing up as a child we always had a real cut tree and a couple years a real live tree we would plant in spring. The first live tree our family had I hated I was young at the time. I remember how small the tree was as we had to put it on a table so you could see it in the window. It wasn't very pretty with the big burlap wrapped around the roots. Really couldn't be decorated a few strands of tinsel and a couple ornaments. I was actually embarrassed as all my friends had 6 or 7 foot trees fully decorated. Well I drove by that little tree the other day It 's standing straight and 30 foot tall. Oh it reminded me of family memories and even brought tears to my eyes as my family was all alive and together back then. Another thought came over me as I drove away. My quit was like that tree, Small not to pretty Jealous of those who had been quit a long time. Like the tree having it roots put in the ground I made the real commitment to quit. Only then like that tree from so many Christmases ago Did my quit like that tree grew stronger and straighter