Reality Object

Blog Post created by CoraLynnWhiteFontaine33 on Dec 3, 2020

I was reading the blog post about reality objects just now and it really intriqued me, because my mom and I do this already together in a way. You see I have a broken keychain that says TRUST on it, my mom gives it to me to hold onto when I behave myself. The thing is that when I have the trinket I hold my mom's trust. When I misbehave I always return her TRUST to her, until she has regained trust in me, etc.

    Ironically enough, I almost bought such an object today, before I read this post. I was indeed thinking of having something to hold onto to remind me of why I want to be smober. I want to have something to keep in my pocket and be able to touch so that I actually have something to find when I search my pockets incessantly for a cigarette or a vape.

    The person who wrote about this reality object suggested that said Exer should wait until they have at least a week of smobriety under their belts before obtaining such an object. I have nearly finished day one, and though tough, a very successful Day Won. Therefore I think I will be getting a reality object very soon.