The Bridge

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Aug 11, 2018

I was in the ER last night because I swallowed my temporary fixed  bridge on Thursday night.  I called health links on Friday night and she said you need to get to the ER now!!  Took a cab to the ER, waited only 3 hours alone and then was taken in, where they did xrays, and put a tube with a camera on it down through my nose and mouth past my esopagus into my stomach.  All night I'd had a choking sensation, but the infamous temporary bridge was in my stomach thank god.  It was the hospital Brian died in 7 months ago, and when they asked my marital status I had to say widowed.  Brought tears to my eyes, and the girls too when I told her it was in that hospital he took his last breath.

All is well, I am doing fine, didn't smoke last night and my daughter picked me up and I got home after only 4 hours of waiting at 2:30 in A.m.  It's weird being at the ER without Brian at that hospital, thank goodness they didn't put me in the same cubicle he was in.  Powerful memories, but today somehow I feel stronger!!  No smoking and early morning dental on Monday to hopefully get permanent bridge in.