Things here today, update.

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Nov 8, 2017

Just wanted to let everyone know that me and Bri had two good days, Monday and Tuesday.  I'm not smoking or drinking and I'm starting to feel better about myself.  Yesterday was the first day he was actually in a good mood in the morning.  He had a good day yesterday and I hoisted his heavy wheelchair into the trunk of the car, and in spite of snow, we were off to dinner out.  We haven't been able to get out to do that in two months.  It was lovely.  Days like those are to be remembered to help get through some of the tougher ones ahead.  Today I'm planning on going out to do some Christmas shopping and enjoy being out for an hour or so.  We went to see his surgeon on Monday, and his x-ray looked good.  Still no weight bearing for six more weeks.  We go back Dec. 18th.

Looking forward to a smoke and alcohol free Christmas, and I don't miss the alcohol one bit, but do miss the cigs sometimes.  This morning has been a good one with no cravings so far.  I know cigarettes go hand in hand with alcohol, and if I would have one or the other I'd be back at square one again.  Thank you to my EX family for always being so kind and patient with me.  Things to hold onto are the good days, and to just let the bad ones go.

Ever day on this earth is a blessing good or bad and I'm learning to see that.  Hope everyone has a wonderful smoke free day!