Brian in Hospital

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Sep 25, 2017

I'm sorry I haven't been here lately, Brian fell and fractured his fibula/tibula.  He's been in the hospital for over a week now.  He had a 3 hour surgery and was in recovery for 8 hours after.  He won't be able to stand or walk on it for 3 - 6 months.  I am having a metal ramp put in at the front door for his wheelchair.  He will be at home on the main floor in a hospital bed, commode etc.  My poor man!  Low platelets and has had about 4 transfusions so far.  Platelets 2x.

God is guiding me through this and I actually am pretty calm because I've been walking about 5,000 steps or more a day.  He has had a ton of visitors all family so far.  Today, Sunday I took the day off and got the house in order and did a big order of groceries.  I was busy all day.  I've been putting in seven - 8 hour shifts at the hospital to be with him.

Everyone is pulling us through this.  His life expectancy with his MDS is up, they gave him four years, so I pray he will live to see his Jan. 25th, 70th Birthday.  If his transfusions start holding better than a few days he should be ok, he normally holds them 3 weeks.  Now he's needing one almost every 3 - 4 days!

I WILL be getting home care, thank goodness, I won't bring him home without it!!  God blessed us with the fact that he didn't hit his head and he is alert and orientated.  Prayers that I can manage with him at home, and please god no more ambulance trips for the next while!!  He is in good spirits and cracking some doozie one liners!!  {Prayers and positive thoughts please.  I am smoking but have only had a very few here and there, will stop completely soon.


Love you my EX family!!