Well back to restarting. Day 1 begins tomorrow

Blog Post created by ChereeAlyssa on Aug 27, 2019

Well I’m back to restarting day 1. I think it will help to have the house to myself, while boyfriend is staged for fire . Cleaned up the house and hiding the ash trays. Good thing trash day is Thursday morning, as well .


Thinking I will try to work from home as well since my bosses are all out of town. It’s awful trying to sit still at my desk and I share a room with a smoker there too. So, goal of tomorrow just stay away from smokers. 


Ugh . Hopefully this will set me up for good start, this time. 

I have things to keep me busy (home gym, crocheting..) so I hope to get a routine down before he is back. (Could be a day or two weeks- we never know).


I’ve realized quitting smoking means I have to not drink either as that’s when my willpower is totally wiped away. 


Finger-crossed to stay strong an stick with it longer than a week this time!