Day 4 - not smoking   

Blog Post created by ChereeAlyssa on Aug 16, 2019

Today is day 4 of not smoking. I still feel super tired but not as bad as day 1. I am taking chantix (which I have used before) and it helps prevent me from mood swings    but sometimes I do get a little nauseated, even when I’ve ate enough food before taking it.


another thing is I feel all over the place with my thoughts and still find it hard to focus and stay focused on anything.


I've tried 3 times before this to quit, and I hope it’s the last and final attempt. I’ve added this site to my journey this time in hopes to help me.


I find it hard because my boyfriend still smokes, so being around him is difficult when I have cravings and I always feel plugged up when I’m around him just from smelling the smoke on him. 


Well I’ll end my random thoughts for now