200 Days + 1

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Jan 9, 2021

Good evening everyone,


Yesterday I woke up with two hundred days of nicotine freedom.  I finally feel like this is my final quit.  I have been a serial quitter for many years, and I have quit and started again more often than I can count.


I know I have to work on my profile here.  That is on my "To Do" list for this calendar year.   


I need to get something off my chest.  I promised you all that I would come here more often.  This past week I wanted to post, but I did not have the bandwidth to do so.  So much ugliness happened this week, and I saw some of it here. 


I joined this site so that I could connect with more smober people.  I want my support circle to grow and strengthen, and I feel like that has happened since I typed my first blog post.  Out of all of the smoking cessation sites I have participated in, I enjoy this site the most, and that is because of all of you.  I have reunited with old friends from Quitnet, and I have also made new friends (a bonus!). 


I do not care if you are a Democrat or a Republican.  We all strive for the same goal here: to live a life nicotine free.  I found out this morning that a friend from NOPE unfriended me on Facebook.  I sent her a message saying that I hoped she would add me back someday.  I figured it was due to political reasons.  She immediately answered back.  She feared that she would lose my friendship because of her political posts and thought it was best that we were only friends on NOPE.  She did not want to lose my support.  She assumed that our views were not the same.  Another person from NOPE unfriended her because the two have different views.  I told her that I stay out of all of the political debates on social media.  To me, it does not matter what someone's views are as long as he or she does not try to change mine.  She sent me a friend request.


My friends, I know that life is crazy right now.  Even though some days are more difficult than others, my goal is to be kind to everyone.  What we say to others, we cannot take back.  What we e-mail to others, we cannot take back.  What we type here to others, we cannot take back.  I am still working on this, but I have come a very long way. 


I hope this coming week will be a little quieter, but I have a feeling it will not be.  I just need to keep my eye on the prize.  




Frances being brave. 1-1-21Pictured is Frances being brave. 1-1-21