Cling on to the Victories

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Oct 26, 2020

Good morning everyone,


I apologize for not checking back in until now.  Last week took another turn for the worse.


When I last talked to you guys, Holden was not feeling well.  On Sunday morning, I called the after hours vet number because he threw up phlegm and was still having problems swallowing.  I was told to bring him in the next morning.


On Monday morning, I dropped Holden off at the vet.  When I got home, I e-mailed my doctor asking if she had heard anything about my COVID-19 test result.  A short time later, my doctor e-mailed me back saying that my COVID-19 test result was negative.


Later that afternoon, the vet called me.  My veterinarian was off that day, so another veterinarian examined Holden.  Holden's bloodwork revealed that his white blood cell count was low.  The veterinarian suggested that I should increase the dosage of his heart medication so that he takes one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening.  They had given him an injection of his heart medication. 


I was then told that I would have to consider end of life options if Holden's condition did not improve in a few days.  I was devastated.  I called my good friend April and headed to the vet to pick him up.  April met us there.  The vet tech who brought him to me reassured me that he would get better.  We then headed home.  Later that evening, Holden ate his heart medication, which was stuffed inside a Pounce treat.  


The next morning, I called and asked to speak to my veterinarian.  My veterinarian returned my call, and I filled him in about Holden.  He suggested that I stop by and pick up a liquid form of his medication and fluids.  When I got home, I gave Holden his fluids, then his liquid heart medication.  My coworker and friend Lisa stopped by after work to see Holden.  I had asked her to stop by to see if I was sticking him correctly.  I gave him his second dose of medication and fluids that evening.  


On Wednesday morning, I gave Holden his first dose of medication and fluids of the day.  By afternoon, he was eating ham!  He also went pee in the litter box!  My husband had bought him ham, tuna, and canned food the day before.  That evening, he ate his heart medication in a Pounce treat and had his fluid injection.  


On Thursday morning, Holden ate his heart medication, had his fluid injection, and ate some tuna.  He finally started to walk around.  He even jumped onto the kitchen counter!   


On Friday morning, Holden jumped onto the kitchen counter.  He finally drank from the kitchen faucet!  No water treatment was needed!  He also ate his heart medication and some dry food for breakfast.  We also found out that my husband had tested negative for COVID-19, so I asked my boss and my friend Lisa (Lisa was in charge because our boss was on vacation.) if I could return to work.  They both said yes.  While I was getting ready for work, Holden was drinking from the kitchen faucet.  


I worked eleven hours Friday and five hours Saturday to make up for some lost time.  My husband returned to work Saturday.  He was on vacation since the 16th (He started vacation a day early because I had to get tested.).  He got sick this past week, but he feels better now.  


Holden has been sneezing this weekend, so I am going to call the vet this morning for advice.  Tomorrow, I take Frank to the vet for bloodwork, then I am going to take him to work with me for the day.   


I am starting to feel better.  I have been snotty this weekend, so I took generic Mucinex last night.


This is where we are at now.  Please continue to pray for us.  




Holden on the road to recovery.


Pictured is Holden on the road to recovery. 10/19/20