Always Expect the Unexpected

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Aug 11, 2020

A summer sunset after a strong storm.

Good morning everyone,


I apologize for my absence yesterday.  On Sunday evening, my husband and I dealt with a leak that was coming from our laundry room.  The basement carpet that starts at the wall separating our laundry room from the rest of the basement was soaked.  Many of my things that were in boxes were ruined.  We had stacked my boxes in one corner of the basement when I moved here in October 2017.  Many of my AA books, including my Big Book, were soaked, along with paperwork of past inventories.  At this moment, my AA things are all in the garage drying on a table.  We shall see if any of those things can be saved.  Someone was supposed to come out Sunday evening/early Monday morning, but he never showed up.  After my husband called every plumber in our county yesterday morning, I finally called a plumber I knew from work.  He called me an hour later and came over in the afternoon.  As of 6pm yesterday, our leak is now fixed.


Last night, storms storms came through our area.  We lost power for a few seconds, but luckily it came back on.


This morning, I dropped off our kitten Hope so she can get spayed.  I pick her up at 3pm.  After I filled up my gas tank, I had a good cry during my drive home.


I better get off here so I can start working on folding new boxes.  I stopped by my sponsor's house yesterday to pick up banker boxes.  She had kindly offered them to me Sunday evening.  


I can use all the help I can get right now.  My anxiety is through the roof.




Pictured is the sunset after last night's strong storm. 8/10/20