Going Down Memory Lane

Blog Post created by Carenda on Jul 17, 2017

I decided that before leaving the site for my yearly visit that I need to go down memory lane and let the new members see why I feel such love and respect for the many friends I have made through the years. You may know some of the names that are listed,  Here goes:


Calling all Old Timers:


Hello All  What a wonderful site to be a member of.  Please give yourself a pat on the back for being an ex and having the determination to protect your quits  I could not have become smoke-free if not for the many people on this site who encouraged me to continue.

We have lost a lot of the old members to other sites  who were beneficial to so many.  I and many others would like to hear from them.  

Please do not be offended if for some reason I do not mention your name on this list  There were so many people who either blogged almost daily or answered blogs daily. When I started the one person who was very frank with me and  many others were hwc.  I knew that I did not want to disappoint  Part of it may have been that I was afraid of the scolding that I might get  LoL.

The "Old Timers" were: hwc, JoAnne, Edith, Spunkie, Cindy Wilson, Sandi, ckoalaco, Linda N, Jaynalynn, Marie Burgess, Sheryl,, Sandra, Sylvia Deitz, Lois, Bonnie, Donna, Kellie, Linda Mc, Makela, Giulia, Christine, Denise 28, Dawn, Ali, Carlie, Patty, Terry Morache, jim the carpenter, Brittany, Lorie, Doris McCoy, Angie, jonescarp, Hyacinth, angeleyes, ctm. Cory, Jada, Raymond, Tiffany,  and so many more. 

I ended the blog by saying:Please respond and let us know how you are doing. Pass the word around for former members to sign in and say hello.

Just a little journey down memory lane.