Blog Post created by BryceEvans on Aug 30, 2018

Hey guys! 


Its my 25th day smoke-free and I’m feeling great. My lungs are feeling healthy, my energy levels are normal and the thought of smoking again seems repulsive. I get the cravings, but the thought of actually smoking again is enough of a detterant. 


I wanted to share a cool resource with everyone. This quit I got an app called Smoke Free. You put in your quit date, how much you smoked and it does the magic. I believe it was a big contribution to my quit. 


The app shows you your bodies changes such as lung, gums and teeth health. It also shows how much money you’ve saved, how much life you’ve regained, and how much time you spent not smoking. Seeing these numbers grow has been incredibly satisfying and really helped me. I hope it helps others too!