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Hello EX buddies. 

My time to read and respond on the site is severely limited but I AM NOT COMPLAINING…it’s either too much work (extra income!) or visiting/babysitting with precious 2 month old granddaughter (joy!).  I’ve set aside this weekend to catch up on everything in my inbox.  I’ve just been dipping in here and there over the last month or two.  I’m behind in a big way!  Want to read and comment and discuss. Also want to try a pic or 2 so you can meet Zara – but don’t hold your breath!


Chuck I’m so happy about the wonderful outcome of a VERY frightening event – I can’t even imagine! Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011


Ellen… will you please just move a bit slower.  Don’t slow down a lot.  Don’t stop.  Just chill a bit and relax.  I swear if you break another bone I’m going to have to max out my credit card and come to take care of you. elvan  


Oh Giulia!  Chocolate and Zucchini?   Can’t wait! Giulia



And for your entertainment I present events at the southern tip of Africa:


New smoking bill is racist …. Really??


And just look at the excitement you’re missing living safely over there:



As usual I have nothing major to share about my quit.  Happy Quitter.  No troubles.  No craves.  Yes … thoughts – but they keep me on my toes.  I feel them, shake my head and move on.  Oh yes, some thoughts are more persistent than others, but my response to a strong thought is – never, EVER live through week 1 again.  I am blessed.   My quit is currently strong and uneventful and has been since the end of NML.   But I stay aware and alert.  I’m not special.  I too could have that one drink/conversation/experience/bad hair day and POOF!! I’ve lost my quit and have to start over again.  NEF (Never Ever Forget)


I decided early on that I am not going to have the “quit fight” with myself and make it an ongoing mind game. (I miss it so much.  Should I try one and go straight back to my quit?  My friends think I’m unsociable.  It is my birthday after all.  I’m strong – I don’t have to worry about diseases.  All my family smoked without dreadful events so far…and on…and on).  Honestly, the harder you fight those nicotine demons with their addictive thoughts about ditching your quit, the more difficult it becomes to honour your quit.


Stop paying $ to the tobacco companies who are assisting in your suicide.   Make that decision that smoking is doing nothing FOR you and you want your life and money back


  • Pick a date (make it a comfortable but achievable date)
  • Read, read, read and then don’t forget to….READ SOME MORE. Specifically Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking AND VERY IMPORTANTLY… posts from the wise elders here on the site.  Their experiences on the road to being non-smokers will teach you much – it will also show you everyone here is human and has struggled at one point or another.  Read how they’ve overcome the addiction.
  • Do some journaling – it’s good for the soul and can teach you much
  • Plan and prepare your toolkit
  • Devise plans for as many triggers as you can think of ahead, which may try to trip you up on your journey
  • Track your cigarettes in the days before your Day One – VALUABLE INSIGHTS to be had there

Stay Strong!


Hugs and blessings to all

Bree 430 DOF