200  Days!

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Sep 15, 2017

It's very late here (nearly 2am) and I MUST go to bed.  But not before I give a shout out to every wise one (OK Elders) who helped me get this far.  I might not blog every day but I read every day - every word that's new that day.  It's helped to steady me when I felt wonky, or encourage me when I felt helpless and always a lot of smiling in between.  For me, the humour is so important.  


If you are reasonably new to this site it's the best advice I can give.  Read everything every day - new blogs and all comments - it will surprise you when you find a comment written to someone else but sounding like it's just what you needed to hear at that particular moment.


Mjust also mention that not everyone who helped me is a Wise One yet.  People who quit after me also teach me something everyday and I am so grateful for know I have some people looking over my shoulder and cheering me on.


Thanks for celebrating my success/milestone with me today!  Onward to 300!!

Hugs and love to everyone.