Done, Dusted, Moving on

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Mar 6, 2017

Hello EX buddies.

Well, contrary to all my doubts, uncertainties, excuses and fear, day 7 is behind me - fully smoke-free.  Not even a puff.  How cool is that?   THANK YOU!   

Even cooler, I stumbled across (and now can't find them again) your photo albums of your get-together week-ends over the past 4 years.  They look so happy and relaxed and full of fun and joy and food and drink.  With luck, I'll have enough saved by 2019 to join the party.  Maybe 2020.

In the meantime, as I budget ahead for groceries and cigs, the R1 200 I won't be using this month is already spent for March - R600 into savings and R600 to Amazon.  I've never been able to afford books for my kindle, so only order the 'Free' books - but what a lot of rubbish to read before you discover a worth-while little gem.  So now, EVERY MONTH, I'll start buying James Patterson, Jonathan Kellerman et al.  This month I bought the whole 6-pack of Children of the Earth - been wanting those for so long.  And then I want Ayn Rand next month.  Money well-spent.   ($1.00 = R13.00)

Have a stunning smoke-free day!