Understand What is Happening to You

Blog Post created by Breakinthechains on Feb 5, 2017

Knowing what is happening to you when you quit smoking will greatly enhance your chances of success. If you understand WHY you feel the way you do, and WHAT is happening to your body to make you feel this way, it eliminates the panic response that can lead to relapse. Know that you feel uncomfortable because your brain is not getting the nicotine dose it is accustomed to, but this is not the end of the world, in time it will pass, you will survive. Learn about the release of dopamine and how nicotine "hijacks" this process. Know that you just have to push on through the cravings and eventually they will become less and less, until one day you won't notice them anymore. You've smoked for a long time, it takes a while to quit. It is a process, not something you can do in a day. Be patient, understand what is happening to you, and you will get through.