Stressful Times

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Apr 17, 2018

It is day 1,164 (or there abouts !) and even after all of these days I still think about smoking especially when things are stressful . Note I said thinking about not  craving ! It is different although can be dangerous ground .That is why I am blogging tonight ....I have been thinking to much about smoking lately . I even dreamed I was smoking last night .

I want to bring these thoughts out of the darkness into the light ! 

A friend of mine quit for 8 years and when going through a stressful time lost her quit she then smoked for a year before being able to quit again .I don't want that to be me !

So glad that I have my Ex -Family to come to at times like this . Thanks for being  here ! 

Now cutting this short because my little dog Jonah needs to go out to do his business !  

Love Bonnie