Why can't I think of a title !

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Sep 28, 2017

    I haven't done a blog in quite a long time It seems I never can think of much to say I am better at commenting but it is hard to comment on Everyone's blogs, conversations, and questions  etc.. I thought I would  like to say hello  to all of my Elders. (Yes , I will always think of those ahead of me and more  experienced at quitting than I as my elders ! ) my buddies and the  newbies who may not even know me at all . 

                       Hello !!!!!!!

    I have a beautiful Apple Tree in my yard that produced so many gorgeous apples this year ! I was peeling them and cutting them up to make applesauce and as I was finishing I suddenly got such a strange and somewhat uncomfortable sensation that was mental and physical  all at once . At first I could not even identify the feeling and suddenly I realized it was a crave or desire for a cigarette! I hadn't had one like that in such a long time so   it took a few seconds to realize it was that darn " reward cigarette after finishing a task

crave "! I just smiled to myself  and carried on .....not needed anymore !!!

   For any of you newbies that are struggling with intense craves this is how they become so distant and weak  that one can  barely notice them but it is funny how even after 963 days of freedom they still pop up because the brain is still responding to certain  ingrained habits .

I smoked for 52 years of my life  I suppose it will take quite a few more years to erase those memories ! 

I want to thank all of my Ex'ers the new ,the old and the in between for being here. I know that Ex played a huge part in helping me make it and  I never want to go back..... no not ever no Day 1 for me ! I am so grateful to God and to all of you ! 

I am headed to the Quad Squad  and that beautiful comma ....Boy ! I remember how that seemed so far away .....Time flies when you are having fun and Ex certainly has made this quit fun for me ! 

Don't dwell on the negative unless you WANT to fail ! Think positive and be excited about your quit you have the power within you , it is there ,just grasp hold of it ! Quitting has been quite an amazing journey so far  and it continues to be  !  

                         Love you all !