Just checkin' in

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Mar 18, 2019

to say it's all good here in Sack-O-Tomatoes (River City, City of Trees, etc.).  Weather was 74 today and gorgeous...I am nicotine-free and am grateful for that.  Still working at Barnes and Noble and it's gotten a lot easier...enjoy sharing  smiles and laughs with my customers and coworkers.  Family doing well...older daughter and I have reconciled...patience is a virtue, lol!  Had the whole family over for Sunday dinner and to play Bubble Talk...what fun it was!


Haven't blogged in a while but have stopped by off and on and am glad some folks who said they were taking a break are back, grateful that the January-February "blues" have lifted for some of us, just basically glad and grateful for the most part every day.  Stay away from the news as much as I can, have been watching a lot of Netflix, listening to music and reading...enjoying the peace and quiet of a rather uneventful life these days and appreciating that fact.  Worry being kept at bay by faith, nurturing nearby relationships without expectation and looking forward to a milestone birthday next month.  


Thank you for being here and being part of my healing/maturing/ripening process.  Quitting smoking was just the beginning...staying quit is integral for me to keep on a forward trajectory.  So much more has been revealed. 

Love you all, my EX family...