Blog Post created by Bonnie on Nov 4, 2018

I had a great day, since I finally had gotten a decent night's sleep. Ran a few errands in the morning, between 10 and 11 o'clock, and the traffic was already heavy and people were rushed--honking, swerving around other cars, going through yellow-red lights, etc. In 2017, Sacramento drivers were 'officially' the worst drivers in the US (My daughter had to take a driver's safety class for her county job)--just proved something I had thought for wonder our car insurance is so high...


My deduction from traffic being even worse than usual: HAPPY HOLIDAZE have begun! 


Got a call from my boss around 12:30.  She left a message practically begging me to come in and work a 3-7 pm shift--someone had called in sick and so far no replacement. I called back to say "NO" and talked to a coworker (no direct line to the manager--employees have to use the same phone number as customers, can't even leave a voicemail to reply to a call at home...really exasperating) and asked him if they were busy. His reply "Crazy busy." Confirmed what I already knew...and I'm scheduled to work Monday-Friday next week, first week ever in my  new 'career' as a Bookseller to work 5 days in a row. Thank God I put my foot down and said 4 hours was my max...and they're wasting they're time calling me to pick up extra shifts...I'm already at my max..

The taste of coffee and writing about work just brought about a 'cig thought'. That's all it is at this point but I don't like it.  I am NOT going to put a nasfy nic device anywhere near my face...many of my last relapses were brought on by stress and it's just NOT going to happen this time...365 days are right around the corner and I'm going to make it, by the GrAce  of God, my own determination and the help of my EX family...even if I have to blog 7 times a day (be forewarned).


Which brings me to the good news (well not maybe for you,lol).  Typ7ng 8n my broken 'puter has been a real pqin and tho ive gotten pretty good at it, it takes way too long to write anything.   so... ivhought a new one a NICE one, a RED oNE AND A PRINTER TOO.  ON SALE.  both arrive 4his week and with m5 newly res7rrected PATIENCE i'm pretty sure ill b able to set 4hem up.  


I calculated last night that with the $ i saved from stopping smoking i could have bought THREE such laptops and THREE printers. So...




gotta run..don't want to b late 2 church sermon is 8n Dysfunctional Families and i can hardly wait. no time to reread this or edit it so....bye fo3 u all!



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