Mom and I

Blog Post created by Bonnie on May 13, 2018

Were good friends.  This is a photo of us in Kona on a Mother's Day long ago.  She's wearing the double chrysanthemum lei I made her (I worked at Emma's Flowers at the time).  She loved to come visit me when I lived in Hawaii.  I am not from a family of smokers.  My two sisters never smoked.  Just my brother and I ended up being smokers, and he died when he was 23.  My dad never smoked and my mom smoked in college, she said, because she didn't like the taste of beer.  She didn't inhale and I believed her.  During a very stressful time in her life I saw a opened pack of Tareytons in her purse.  I was surprised, but never saw her smoke and never saw another pack of cigarettes. 

      I miss her, but know I'll see her again.  She would be so happy that I finally kicked the habit. 

                              I hope all you mothers have a wonderful day!